Who Buys CPAP Machines?

CPAP machines are used in providing treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. This is a condition that causes a blockage in your airway when you are asleep. You therefore have to wake up in order to breathe in. Depending on the severity of your condition, the blockage can take place five times or even a hundred times in one hour.

The CPAP machine is therefore important since it blows pressurized air down your throat. Your airway will therefore remain open and you can thus enjoy your sleep. You will come across a wide variety of CPAP machines for sale and you are better off knowing what you need to look out for.

Why A CPAP Prescription

Before you are diagnosed as having sleep apnea, your doctor will conduct a sleep study on you. The sleep study can be conducted at the sleep clinic or in your house. During the sleep study at the clinic, your eye and body movements as well as blood pressure will be recorded. Your oxygen levels, heart rate and brain activity are also recorded in order to diagnose your condition. Different machines and masks may be used on you to get a combination that will offer you the best treatment.

Your prescription will include the type of machine that you should buy. You can use a fixed pressure machine which provides a constant amount of pressure throughout the therapy. An automatic machine will adjust the pressure depending on how you breathe during sleep. A BiPAP machine produces a certain level of pressure when you inhale and then lowers the pressure as you exhale. The prescription also indicates the amount of pressure that the technician should set on your machine.

Selecting A Suitable Mask

Once you have looked at some CPAP machines for sale and have identified a suitable one, the next step is to identify a suitable mask. A mask that fits well and is comfortable is important as it will affect the success of your therapy. If you normally sleep on your back, you can generally use any type of mask including the full face and nasal masks. However, if you normally sleep on your side or your stomach, a nasal pillow would be more ideal.

A nasal pillow is a mask that sits on your upper lip and the two cushions are placed at the edge of your nostrils. The cushions create a good seal so that air does not leak thus ensuring the effectiveness of your therapy. A nasal mask can also be used if you sleep on your side or if you toss from one side to the other during sleep.

Additional Accessories

The available CPAP machines for sale can be sold with or without a humidifier. Some of the machines have a built-in humidifier which can be switched off if not required. For other machines, the humidifier can be disconnected. If you normally suffer from nasal congestion or a dry throat after therapy, you can purchase a humidifier which can be used with your machine. The humidifier is a tank of water which is heated to produce vapor which is then mixed with the pressurized air. You therefore end up breathing in moist air which gives you a comfortable therapy experience.