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Caring in Context

Supporting people with mental illness and their carers is central to MIFWA’s vision. Why is this work so important and what is needed to be an effective support worker?


Values such as compassion, kindness and fairness are often what draw people to caring roles like support work. This module will help you to identify your own values.



Empathy is the ability to take the perspective of someone else, to connect with the feelings they are experiencing, without feeling or experiencing them yourself.


Setting Boundaries

Empathy and compassion can be powerful forces to fight stress, but caring too much can hurt. The secret to fostering positive empathetic relationships is to set boundaries.


Positive Professional Relationships

The more positive your professional relationships are, the more satisfying and rewarding your time at work will be.


Detaching from Work and Stress

Stress is a normal part of life, but when it is excessive it can affect our physical and mental health.