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After the atrocities of World War II, there was increasing recognition of the importance of human rights around the world. The United Nations was established and many countries, including Australia, made commitments to human rights by signing international agreements and legislating to protect the human rights of their citizens.

Once you know your own values and how they sit for you, it allows you to interact with people differently. It means that we’re a team.

Since then, the recognition of human rights has broadened to recognise the rights of people with specific needs, including people with disabilities, LGBTIQA+ people, people seeking asylum, older people, and people with poor mental health.

There are times in everyone’s life when we need help and support. It is a basic human need to feel connected to others, and to have people we can depend on and seek support from when we need it. However, when people are not able to look after themselves completely because they are young, have a disability, are elderly, or live with chronic mental illness, they may be dependent on others for support in some aspects of their life.